Family: Phylinidae Gray, 1850

Philine quadripartita Ascanius, 1772 

Mar Piccolo (Taranto, Italy). Ionious Sea

We thank you our friend Gianni Colucci for the very nice and interesting photo.

Porto Cesareo (Lecce, Italy) Ionious Sea.

This is a specimen of about 20mm lenght. Found on sand, 0,3 m depth. March 2021

Dorsal side

We also found another specimen whose lenght was about 260mm.

We thank you very much our friend Angelo Fiorita.

Ventral side
Inner plaques
Inner shell

We also show other photos of the inner shell belong to this species found in other areas from Ionious Sea


S.Maria al Bagno (Lecce, Italy)


and from

Frigole (Lecce, Italy), South Adriatic Sea from about 60-80m depth.





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