Oder: Aplysiida

Family: Aplysiidae Lamarck, 1809

Notarchus punctatus Philippi, 1836

La specie però è stata indentificata nel Salento come riportato nella bibliografia indicata.

However, the species has been iidentified in Salento as reported in the bibliography indicated.

As mentioned we have not yet been able to identify, photograph or see specimens of this species in Salento. In order to help, direct friends, underwater photographers to give us news of this sighting, we show some images of Mediterranean specimens of this species, photographed by our friends in other areas of the Mediterranean Sea


Perrone A., 1983 Opistobranchi (Aplysiomorpha, Pleurobrancomorpha, Sacoglossa, Nudibranchia) del litorale salentino (Mar Jonio) (Elenco - contributo primo). Thalassia Salentina. 13 : 118 – 144. 4 Individui Mar Grande di Taranto, Luglio 1980, 3-5 cm